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For various reasons,  I'm changing all my slash posts to "Friends Only".  If you want to friend me and you're over 18 years old, please feel free to do so and I'll friend you back.  I'm also putting all my slash art posted on my website into password protected webpages.  If you ever want to see them, please contact me at my email address artconserv7 at gmail dot com and I'll send you the username and password.

Thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy the artwork. :-)





Holmes Big Bang Artwork for "Losing the Veil" by Sunryder.

This is the art I made for the Holmes Big Bang story written by  sunryder . Her story is called  Losing the Veil and it can be found at AO3.

The Master Post of the story is posted also here at sunryder's LJ and  here at holmes_big_bang

Losing the Veil
oil on canvas board
9"-h x 12"-w
Work Safe! 

Please enjoy the story and let her know how much you liked it! Thanks and enjoy the painting.

Holmes Big BangCollapse )

Fan Art for Random Nexus' WIP When the Impossible Refuses to be Eliminated

This is some fan art for Random_nexus'  WIP When the Impossible Refuses to be Eliminated. The story is posted at Archive of our Own; here:

It's a wonderful story and if you read WIPs, please let random_nexusknow how much you liked it!

Title: "When the Impossible Refuses to be Eliminated"
Medium: Oil on canvas board
Size:  14"-w x 11"-h

Work safe!!

When the Impossible Refuses to be EliminatedCollapse )